The NASH Global Health Observatory is a program dedicated to the execution, on a regular basis, of surveys implemented in different countries and targeting different audiences: specialists from different academic background, general practitioners, but also individuals at risk such as NASH patients already diagnosed, their families, diabetic and obese populations, or others.

From gaining insights to having an impact

The main objective of these surveys is to gain valuable insights about existing knowledge gaps in NASH. These insights can then be used to design disease awareness initiatives that have a real impact, i.e. address real unmet needs. The work is carried out in collaboration with our Scientific Committee, as well as ad-hoc partners depending on target groups.

An opportunity to learn together

Patient associations, academic organizations, public authorities, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies… The NASH Global Health Observatory surveys can be designed with the involvement of various stakeholders.

Ready-to- disseminate quickfacts

In just a few months after its launch in 2017, the NASH Global Health Observatory already carried out two broad surveys involving hepatologists, gastroenterologists, diabetologists, endocrinologists and cardiologists, in the United States and in France. Results were released as ready-to- share quickfacts.

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