The NASH Education Program will launch the 1 st International NASH Day on June 12, 2018, a non-partisan and transversal initiative considered as a key milestone for the whole NASH space!

A day to raise awareness on NASH

The 1 st International NASH Day is designed to spread scientific and medical knowledge in the general population, with events that will feature informative and educational on-site activities in several cities/countries at the same time, as well as a massive online activity. These activities will include:

  • A Web TV with experts interviews and educational reports
  • An active participation of research centers involving their patients and families
  • The dissemination of informative documentation in several languages
  • The organization of street events across several cities worldwide

A Web TV dedicated to increase knowledge about NASH

On June 12th , the event website will host several reports addressing different dimensions of NASH: definition of the pathology, diagnosis, prevalence, risk factors, treatment and outcomes. It will totalize more than one hour TV Show with an alternation of expert interviews, reports and educational videos. Most of the content will remain available online as replay.

A positive communication campaign

We developed a positive communication campaign around Mac’Liver, a cartoon character that is a soft and entertaining representation of the liver. Mac’Liver will help the general public to better understand the disease and realize why it is important to get early diagnosis.

A collaborative initiative in several countries accross the globe

The 1st International NASH Day will be the opportunity for many NASH specialists in research centers to communicate about the disease towards their patients, the general public and their physician colleagues. At The NASH Education Program, we believe that collaborations with other parties including academic organizations, patient associations, hospitals and specialized centers will contribute to the success of this initiative.

Want to get more information on this exciting event, and get involved in the success of this 1st International NASH Day?