Since its creation, The NASH Education Program has led several actions, with the objectives to understand unmet needs, popularize science, spread awareness and support initiatives.


NASH patients and physicians both have specific needs which must be addressed. The NASH Education Program has already launched several actions to better identify them:

  • Patient Registry, in collaboration with Pinnacle Clinical Research: prospective follow-up of patients from an anonymized database in order to foster patient referencing between specialties that should – and will – be involved in the comprehensive care process for NASH patients.
  • NASH Global Health ObservatoryTM : program of surveys targeting clinicians from diversified but relevant specialties, general practitioners, patients and individuals at risk. With series of adapted questions addressing different aspects of the disease, each survey is an opportunity to better understand the needs of these target groups.


The research field dedicated to NASH produces a growing amount of peer-reviewed publications on several topics (e.g. prevalence, diagnosis, therapeutics). It is essential to communicate and popularize this science in order for the public, patients, patient families, and care providers to easily access and consume this wealth of information. The NASH Education Program accomplishes this task through different initiatives and formats such as, but not limited to, educational videos, brochures, and infographics. Obviously, social media also play an essential role in this context, given their accessibility but also their cost-effective nature when it comes to disseminating content.


In the general population: NASH is a silent, largely asymptomatic and little-known – yet widespread and potentially severe – disease affecting a significant number of individuals worldwide. With the launch of the 1st International NASH Day, on June 12, 2018, The NASH Education Program aims to gather strengths from key healthcare players and NASH stakeholders alike, in order to spread awareness about this disease towards patients, individuals at risk, general population, media, research centers, and many more.

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Academic organizations, patient associations, research centers… There are many different, relevant and legitimate actors in the NASH field, be it because of a scientific expertise or a specific disease awareness experience. The NASH Education Program can support initiatives launched by other stakeholders, providing they meet specific criteria in line with our mission. Collaborations can take different forms. We are open to explore and discuss several options.

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