Our Mission

The NASH Education Program’s mission is to increase public awareness of NASH by driving educational initiatives, producing essential and relevant scientific and medical knowledge, and disseminating the aforementioned content to targeted audiences:

  • All medical specialties (going beyond hepato-gastroenterologists, i.e. including diabetologists, endocrinologists, obesity specialists, cardiologists, OB-GYN and general practitioners) who all have a key role to play in the clinical management of NASH patients;
  • Current patients and their families, but also individuals at risk, who are in need of understanding the causes, mechanisms and consequences of the disease to better manage its progression. Furthermore, this information will help to educate the broader community on importance of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment options specific for their condition.

Through this approach focusing on both practitioners and patients, The NASH Education Program ensures that its initiatives are relevant, have a tangible and positive impact on disease awareness, and ultimately contribute to improving the NASH patient journey.

The NASH Global Health ObservatoryTM is a survey program dedicated to better understanding practitioners’ and patients’ unmet needs, based on the evaluation of their perceptions and level of knowledge.

Our Values


This endowment fund is a non-partisan and non-profit organization with its own legal status, and fosters involvement of multiple stakeholders from diversified background


Initiatives are driven in collaboration with an international scientific committee spearheaded by high-profile experts in the NASH field, and leave room for ad-hoc partnerships


The NASH Education Program places patients and practitioners at the center of its philosophy in order to properly address their unmet needs and focus on the right priorities


Actions and projects are dedicated to increasing knowledge about NASH by providing useful scientific and medical insights to physicians, patients, individuals at risk of disease progression, and families


This initiative aims at making a real difference in the clinical management of NASH patients, by improving a currently suboptimal patient care situation which partly results from a lack of awareness

The 1st International NASH Day, on June 12th 2018, is designed to draw attention to the disease through multiple on-site activities organized in about 20 cities across the globe, as well as the production of a massive and rich online content that will be delivered through a web TV program, and further disseminated via digital amplification.